Joseph Bae Computer Engineering Student @ The University of Texas at Austin

Flickster Part 1 (Android)

As part of Week 1 of the Android Course by CodePath,I have created the Flickster Android application which incorporates the Movies Database API and is able to adjust to both vertical and horizontal views. The app is a read only application that displays the current theatrical releases along with their movie title, movie poster, and a brief overview.

Since this is only part 1 of a 2 part application, I’m more focused on making sure the application has all the proper components before continuing and working on part 2. With that said, here’s some potential changes I could make to the part one of this application which includes:

• Making a Night mode

• Create a more aesthetically pleasing UI

Here’s a walkthrough of the application! I’ll update it if I get around to making those changes. Flickster Part 1