Joseph Bae Computer Engineering Student @ The University of Texas at Austin

Flickster Part 2 (Android)

As part of Week 2 of the Android Course by CodePath,I have updated the Flickster Android application to include a movie details page that shows the movie ratings, as well as release date and have used the YouTube API to play have a YouTube video for a trailer to be shown. I have also made sure that the player will only exclusively play the movie trailer.

Due to time commitments, I will try and work on this app a little more in the near future but some potential updates to the app include:

• showing the movie poster if a trailer doesn’t exist

• fixing an error where the app crashes when in horizontal mode

• including a night mode

• changing the UI to be more aethestically pleasing

Here’s a walkthrough of the application! I’ll update it if I get around to making those changes. Flickster Part 2